Now Offering Back-painted Backsplashes on Amazon

Now offering stock sizes and colors of our Backpainted Backsplashes on

Mint White,Espresso and Galaxy Black In Stock sizes 24"x30", 30"x30"and 30"x36" Custom Colors and Sizes and shapes are available through our

Custom Colors, Sizes and fit ups available by request through our website.

Q and A :

Q: I need and easy to clean surface with no grout lines do these need grout ?

A: A solid glass backsplash is as clean as you can get. Our glass in non-porous and supe hygienic. Glass is easy to whipe down making it a great option for the backspoash where food prep can eaily spatter up on the backsplash while cooking

yourThere are NO grout joints to seal or clean :)

Q: My kitchen does not have much light , how will it look in a darker area?

A: Light bounces off glass, making it a great option for a kitchen with a lack of natural light.

Q: Are these solid glass pieces easy to install by a homeowner ?

A: Yes, The glass sheet is typically glued to the drywall with a nutral cure silicone and then caulked at the edges where it meets a wall or other surface. It is also caulked at the countertop connection. You can use a clear silicone for both attaching and for caulking the areas around the glass and there isn't any mess like you find with cutting tiles or stone. Installation.We will include complete instructions in with your shipment .

Q: Do you offer sny other colors or sizes ?

A: When Yes we do, we offer 3 neutral designer colors : Galaxy Black, White Mint and Espresso in 3 standard sized that fit behind most ranges and cook-tops : 24x30, 30x30 and 30x36

When choosing the color of your glass backsplash, it’s important to find an option that is going to withstand the ebb and flow of fashion. Many homeowners make the mistake of choosing a backsplash that looks great at the time of installation, but becomes an eyesore when it’s time to put the home up for sale. If you’re looking for a pop of color or a beautiful focal point above your cooking range or sink, be sure it is something you’re still going to love for years to come. Coordinate colors with furniture, or choose a cool neutral.

Q: What if we want to do order an entire backsplash with cutom measurement etc in the same color ? Can we order that from you as well ?

A: Yes you can. You can order matching colors for other areas of your kitchen through our home site.We also offer custom color options.

Q: Is your glass safe behind a stove area ?

A: Yes, we use only tempered safety glass for our products,which can withstand a rapid heat shock, so it won't crack if you accidentally rest a hot pot against the backsplash.

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